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  • Is Smith's Pure Honey raw?
    Yes. Smith's Pure Honey is pure, raw, and unfiltered. We only strain our honey to remove bee particles while leaving pollen grains and other beneficial properties. All of nature's goodness is in our honey!
  • Is Smith's Pure Honey safe for children?
    Infants under one year of age should not consume honey. For more information, see
  • If my honey crystallizes, can I still use it?"
    Yes! All honey crystallizes with time. If honey has crystallized, it has not gone bad! The sign of crystallization is actually a good thing. Once honey is heated past 140, it slows down crystallization time dramatically but it also destroys beneficial properties in the process. If Smith's Pure Honey begins to crystallize, it is doing what it is naturally supposed to do. To re-liquify honey, simply place the container in warm water for about 15 minutes. Once warmed, the honey will return to a liquid state. DO NOT MICROWAVE HONEY!
  • How is Smith's Pure Honey different from big box store honey?
    Smith's Pure Honey is a wildflower honey made by bees belonging to the Smith Family. Our honey's distinctive flavor comes from native wildflower nectar foraged by our bees. Unlike big box store honey, our honey is not highly processed, filtered, and over-heated. These processes can remove many of the beneficial components of honey.
  • Where does Smith's Pure Honey come from?
    We only use honey that comes straight from our own hives located in Mississippi. By doing so, we eliminate multiple unknowns of where the honey originated from and the processes the honey has undergone. We maintain complete control from the time honey is harvested from our hives to the bottle you purchase, and it is a promise we will continue to keep!
  • How will my honey be shipped?
    We currently ship orders by USPS. Orders are packaged properly to ensure safe shipping.
  • When will I know if my order has shipped?
    Upon placing your order, you will receive an email including the details of your order. We will notify you when your order has been prepared to ship. You will also receieve tracking information once your order has shipped.
  • Can I track my order?
    Yes, you can track your order with the tracking number you receive with your shipping confirmation email.
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