We are now accepting orders for queens with availability starting in mid April. 

Russian Queens 

Queen Pricing

1-10      $38

11-50    $35

51-100  $32


Marking and/or Clipping - ADD $4 per queen

When ordering Queens you must include the total number of queens and the date you would like them to arrive. Click on the “Order Bees” tab in the upper left of the page (click "more" for dropdown).

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your order and the balance is due in full two weeks prior to ship date. We accept checks, money orders, and debit/ credit cards. Debit/credit card purchases will have 5% added to the price of the order. Click on the “Order Bees” tab in the upper right of the page.

We use USPS Priority Express. US Postal Service Priority Express flat-rate shipments are automatically insured for up to $100. Examine the contents immediately for any queens received in poor condition or dead. Should either of these conditions occur, immediately notify your post office and then call our office within 24 hours. You will need to obtain a US Postal claim form 1000; fill it out, have verified and signed by your post office and send to us. We will complete and file it for you. You will be responsible for shipping cost on replacement queens, which must be paid prior to shipment. We cannot guarantee the decision of the claim made to the USPS.

Russian Queen Cells

Queen cells can bee booked ahead of time. No shipping of queen cells. PICKUP ONLY! Queen cells require a minimum of 2 weeks request. YOU MUST GET A CONFIRMATION BACK FROM SOMEONE AT SMITH'S HONEY FARM before you have an official booking. No cells available for Sundays.

Ordering Queen Cells

Email smithhoneyfarm@gmail.com or use the "Order Bees" tab in the upper left of the page to send your request. Be sure to include the number of queen cells and the date you are requesting pickup of the cells in your request.

2020 Queen Cell Pricing 

$4.50 per each

Russian 5-Frame Nucs - Sold out for 2020 

Demand for our bees has again been overwhelming this year. We have booked as many nucs as we feel we can produce for Spring 2020


We are offering a 5-frame nuc in a reusable plastic E-Z Nuc.

Our nucs contain five deep frames. Three will have brood and two with honey and pollen. Our queens are new, first-year queens (raised from a queen cell placed into the nuc), and brood within the nuc will represent the queen’s laying ability.

We do not sell second-year queens in our nucs, as they are more likely to swarm or require early replacement. Our nucs have new (proven) queens, are free of disease (inspected by MS Dep. of Ag - Honey Bee Inspection), and will be ready for transfer to a ten-frame hive body. Before release to customers, the nuc is inspected confirming it is ready to be picked up.

2020 Nuc Pricing

1-10   $165

11-99 $155

100+ 140


Ordering Nucs

When ordering nucs you must include the total number requested and the desired dates you will be picking them up. Click on the “Order Bees” tab in the upper left of the page (click "more" for dropdown). Cancellations of orders must be done by 1.31.2020 for refund of deposit.

Nucs will be available for pick up at our shop in Petal from 6:00 – 7:30 PM in the evening and/or 6:00 – 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning. Bring your veil and gloves and pick out your nucs. Bees travel best in/on an open truck bed. We strongly encourage everyone to transport nucs on/in the back of an open truck bed. Once you have selected and loaded up your nucs, we are no longer responsible. We cannot guarantee a nuc's success.

Nucs will be available for pickup mid April until early May. Specific pick-up dates are TBA.